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Tiled areas in the home, such as a kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor, necessitate grouting. Grout is sometimes difficult or impossible to fully remove on tiled surfaces, even though it may be simple to clean the tiles. We'll discuss what grout is and why it's so dirty in this article, so stay tuned.

What is meant by grout?

Tiles are held in place by grout, a rough, porous substance filling the gaps between tiles. When first installed, grout is put as a paste or mortar and hardens fast to a solid surface.

Why is my grout looking filthy?

Grout gets dirty for a variety of reasons.

Grout has several features that make it an ideal environment for a wide range of pathogens. Grout's many pores and ridges serve as a haven for dirt and other impurities because of the material's rough texture. There are also issues with liquids. Grout, which is porous, can be stained by liquids that sink deep into it.

What are some of the advantages of having clean grout in your bathroom?

In addition to the obvious advantages of tile and grout cleaning Perth, maintaining the cleanliness of the grout really increases its lifespan. The grout is more prone to cracking and degradation if contaminants accumulate in it. So regular cleaning of your tiled surfaces might extend their life lifetime!

Tips to keep the grout clean

If you have tiled floors in a bathroom or kitchen, it is impossible to keep them clean all the time because of the amount of traffic they receive. However, there are a few methods you can employ for the sake of tile and grout cleaning. This will keep your grout looking its best and avoid an unsightly build-up of dirt.

  • Vacuum up loose debris and pollutants from high-traffic areas regularly.
  • Excess detergent in water can attract dirt and derail the goal of cleaning the floor, so use less of it while mopping.
  • Keep the floor clean by scrubbing it with water! Detergent and cleaning solutions aren't always necessary. Most of the filth in the grout and tile floors can be removed with a weekly water cleaning.
  • Do not use water that has been contaminated! When we said that colourful substances can seep into the grout and discolour it, we meant it. Dirty water, on the other hand, comes into this group. Use a mop with a freshwater supply to avoid contaminating grouted surfaces.

What are the advantages of hiring a cleaning service?


However, regular professional cleanings will also significantly enhance grout's longevity, which can be achieved by using some of the procedures mentioned. Sanitizing grout can be done by a professional cleaner, especially in humid places where mould growth is a concern (such as in a bathroom or shower). In addition, a professional cleaner might utilise specialised chemicals for different regions of the house; for example, kitchen grout may require a different cleaner than bathroom grout. It is also possible to use specialist equipment that most homeowners don't have access to blow out all the grout's impurities.