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Any home would just be a building without true value or a friendly place for occupancy without the necessary household items. The average person invests a fair share of the income in order to make the house one lives in a better place. When considering these as essentials it should include aspects of maintenance too. One could justify that the maintenance of a product or service in more important than its initial purchase, to ensure that the optimum benefit is reaped from the money invested. An important thing to note when considering these chemicals is that it has to be used in the right proportions and with the careful study of how to handle the contents. Failing with it can result with serious hazards to oneself and other but if used accordingly it can give great benefits to the way you live. Considering all these aspects, the modes used to maintain the house can be segregated into form they are in; as solids, liquids and gases.


Basic maintenance equipment such as brushes, brooms for hard surfaces, mops for tile cleaning service and so on can be the most essential and obvious ones. There are also a wide range of chemicals which will be of great use to keep ones house tip and tidy. One could consider chlorine and bleaching powder as solids which could be referred to as aids to a high quality of maintenance. Other solids include items such as polishes and wax.


The most obvious and widely available products in relation to maintenance essentials of a house are all in the form of liquids. The products in the market are numerous with flavoured mouthwashes to scented tile cleaning liquids. The importance of these liquids can be felt, not only when you consider the work it does but also when you consider the shelves in the stores. The importance of these products has pushed to expand the competition in the market. Some of the basic pharmaceutical items which are essential for first aid are also found in the form of liquids.


The aroma of a well maintained house would certainly spell ‘freshness’. Such importance does the effect of aroma have on the way we perceive a well maintained house. The most common extracts that produce this effect are from nature and are often oriented to flowers and fruits. A common attribute, if paid attention would be that the scents associated to kitchen are generally fruits and it is flowers for fabrics. The fragrant part of a well maintained house certainly would be the icing on the cake.