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Overhauling For The Winter: How To Be Winter- Friendly

If you live in an area that is prone to harsh winters, then you know the importance of getting ready for the winter. Since hibernation is not an option for us, here are some suggestions on what to do to get ready for the wild winter.

Upgrade the Wardrobe

This is the most obvious step in getting ready for the winter. Naturally, your light- weight autumn clothes won’t do the trick so go shopping for some heavy- duty boots and thick coats. Depending on whether winters in your area tend to be wet or dry, buy galoshes or stylish winter boots. When looking for a coat, avoid the furs: they may look good but they also absorb moisture during a wet winter, making it heavier than it is. Look for clothes that are darker in colour as they will absorb what little sunlight is available, thus keeping you warmer than in white or beige clothing.

Upgrade the House and Car

If the weather forecast shows an especially bad winter approaching, it may behove you to make some modifications to your house and vehicle to ride out the storm. Firstly, install hydronic heating to keep your house warm and at a constant temperature.

Hydronic heating is more economical than air conditioning or heating as it can be modified to be a cooling system for the summer and has no heat leakage. It is also more hygienic as it doesn’t circulate germs and mould in the air circulation. Secondly, coat all the windows and glass surfaces exposed to the outside with anti- freeze. If anti- freeze is too expensive, use a thin coating of oil. Do the same for the glass in your vehicle, and start the engine a couple of times during the night to keep it from freezing. If you are going to be driving around in the cold, don’t forget to fix chain links to the grooves of the tyres to improve friction on the road. Visit this link for more information regarding hydronic heating in Melbourne.

Upgrade the Lifestyle

Winter saps more energy out of our bodies as the cold temperatures prompts our bodies to work overtime, producing more heat to keep our metabolism going. Therefore it’s important that you get the necessary nutrition as well as warmth from the food you eat. Vary your diet with as much protein and vitamins as possible, along with the carbs and calories. Drink hot drinks as much as possible, and keep yourself hydrated – winter dehydrates the body as fast as summer.

Don’t forget the moisturizer while shopping; skin dries out quickly in the harsh cold and may lead to cracks and splits if you don’t moisturize properly. Sunscreen might also help during a dry winter as the glare of sunlight bouncing over white snow is harsher on the skin than sunlight filtered through autumn leaves. When going out anywhere, leave half an hour earlier to give yourself time to drive slowly and avoid any accidents on the road.